Mobile Apps and Software

Our team of mobile app developers, combined with our software and web design teams, are able to build systems of any complexity. More information about our services is available on our "Capabilities" Page. 

Restaurant Online Food Ordering

Our Online Food Ordering Website is an ideal solution for hotels, restaurants, pizza places, bakeries or catering businesses to augment their dwindling sales during the Coronavirus Pandemic, by making the meals, breads or pastries available through online sales and ordering. Our solution is specifically for online food ordering or catering, and comes with extensive features that are not available with online shop websites. 

The system is suitable to be used in any country, and can be modified to meet your specific food ordering requirements.


Golf Course Management System

The Halcyon Golf Course Management System, is a complete, modern, cloud based software system for managing golf courses of any number of holes or courses. The first system was for the Mimosa 36 hole Golf course, in Clark, Philippines.

The system comes with a mobile app that allows a player to book, play and pay without the need to interface with staff. This social distancing feature is especially relevant during the Covid-19 pandemic in many countries.

Most of the staff functions are done via a staff mobile app. 

The management dashboard features are extensive, and produces some 50 separate financial and operational reports.

The golf course management system is suitable to be used in any country, and can be modified to meet the specific requirements of any golf course. This includes currency types, taxes, and payment gateways. We can customize it to interface with any of your existing systems, or to external applications. 

Courier Delivery Mobile Apps

The Courier Delivery Mobile Application and system has many of the features that you would expect from apps such as Uber Delivery or Grab Delivery. It includes a Driver and Client app, and a complete management system for the drivers and clients. 

The system and apps can be customized to meet exactly your requirements, and any features can be added. It's not country specific, and we can set it up to work with any currency and tax system.